About us

Established in 1999, IMPURE MUZIK is a non-profit organization based in Besançon (East of France).
We like to think that we are devoted to electric guitar-based music in the broad sense of the word. Though we have a more  “punk / hardcore” approach regarding ethic, the way we run our activities and the scene we are involved in.

The objectives have been the same over the years, without any particular bias regarding style as long as it rocks and it is made with sincerity – releasing records that blow our minds, helping friends and bands we love to carry out their projects.

Today more than ever, we strongly believe that music can be more than just tracks on a record, and see ourselves providing a more-than-necessary alternative to the industry’s big players. If the term Do It Yourself means something to you, you can consider IMPURE MUZIK as being one of its fervent advocate, spending hours and nights trying to bring you affordable quality records & shows, spreading impure rock’n roll vibes to those who are interesting in hearing them.

Be curious, don’t let the machine tell you how you should feel the music.

Joss, Onito, Flo, Floyd & Sylvain / The Impure Team