Impure Fest 2015


We celebrate our 15th birthday on 23rd & 24th January at Les Passagers du Zinc, Besançon. Join us!
Nous fêtons nos 15 ans les 23 et 24 janvier aux Passagers du Zinc, Besançon. Venez!

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Interview – Diversions May 2014

• A french interview about us for a free magazine named « Diversions », readable online here

• A french (again, sorry) radio show about Impure Muzik bands.
w/ Julien Louvet

Playlist :
1. DEAD RAMONES Eagle Of The Road
2. SPORT Ulrike Maier
3. SHOOT THE SINGERS Several Wrong Turns
4. AMPOOLS Hells Passenger
5. THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT I Hate The Human Race
6. DAS MODELL Demakup
7. RED GLOVES 12 Headaches

Many thanks to all of them.


IMP 047 | RED GLOVES “Lucky You!” [7″]

New release on Impure Muzik with the discographic debut of RED GLOVES Lucky You!
The 7″ vinyl features 2 catchy tracks of pure, energic emo punk rock music… this is not from the West Coast but East France though! For the records, the 4-piece band is composed of members from The Irradiates and Jack and the Bearded Fishermen.

You can stream the  7″ over at RED Gloves’ bandcamp page and get your own copy for 5€ (+postage) by sending an e-mail to impurefloyd(at)

01. Lucky You!
02. Twins Call

All songs written and performered by Red Gloves.
Recorded in October 2012, at Cube Studio, Guyans-Durnes, France.
Engineered by Yann Morel and Sebastien Descamps.
Mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days, Baltimore, MD.
Mastered by Paul Leavitt at Valencia Recording, Baltimore, MD.
Sleave design by John Yates at Stealworks



IMP 046 | TESA “IV” [LP]

We’re very happy to announce that the new record from TESA is now available! You can listen to the opening track on our freshly launched bandcamp page, where you can also order and listen to some lovely tunes from the last Impure Muzik releases.

Soberly entitled IV, the third full-lentgh album of our favorite Latvian band is composed of 3 long tracks, a magnificent blend of sludge and post-rock played with a singular sound that has made TESA a unique proposition for years. The music of the three-piece band from Riga drenches the listeners into multiples feelings, intertwining beautiful, melancholic and heavy atmospheres with a very subtle hardcore undercurrent. IV is the long-anticipated follow-up to heartbeatfromthesky released in 2008.

12″ clear vinyl with black splatter coming in a gatefold sleeve, co-released with OSK records (RU).

MySpace /// Bandcamp


1 – I
2 – II
3 – III

Get your copy for 10€ + postage

Order, trade, wholesale –> send a message to impurefloyd(at)



IMP 045 | INTERLUDE « A la Deriva » [LP]

We’re very happy to be part of this new release from one of our favorite Spanish bands! Hailing from Zaragoza, INTERLUDE play a passionate emo-post-hardcore, sung exclusively in Spanish this time and with a more progressive, ambient approach compared to their previous works. « A la Deriva » is the long-awaited follow-up to « 10000 ans de vengeance » released in 2008.
Interlude on: Bandcamp // Myspace 
Watch a full live set from March 2012

INTERLUDE « A la Deriva »
01 – Entre aires de grandeza
02 – Olvido
03 – La voz de los sin voz
04 – Viernes de Nakba
05 – Ecos del norte
06 – La senda del esclavo
07 – A la deriva
08 – Wounded knee 1890

Listen to the album in its entirety at

Grab your copy now for 10€ (+postage)
Order, trade wholesale:




IMP 044 | SHOOT THE SINGERS « A Good Singer is a dead Singer » [LP]


2 dirty guitars, 1 heavy drum and 1 cheap harsh voice… SHOOT THE SINGERS is a 3-piece band from Besançon (FR) even though their sound and tunes are reminiscent of a certain 90’s US alternative rock scene. The group’s debut-album explores and combines different music styles, marrying subtly noise, post-rock and psyche-rock.

Shoot the Singers on Soundcloud // Facebook
Video: The Last Coach & The Mirror

SHOOT THE SINGERS « A Good Singer is a Dead Singer »
01 – Not Yet
02 – The Last Coach
03 – I’ll laugh
04 – The mirror
05 – 33
06 – Be quiet (mp3 bonus track)
07 – Tiger grandma
08 – Several wrong turns
09 – Ashtray (mp3 bonus track )
10 – Captain’s sleeping
11 – Just more
12 – Opaline (mp3 bonus track)

Limited edition of only 300 copies, with free mp3 download coupon

Grab your copy for 10€ (+postage)
Order, trade wholesale:



IMP 043 | BLACK CODE « Hanged, drawn and quartered » [LP/CD] Out Now!

The debut album of  Besançon punk/hardcore all-star BLACK CODE is now available on LP and CD. ‘Hanged, drawn and quartered‘ features 11 tracks of heavy crust, metal and hardcore music played with the guts! Give it a listen… loud!



IMP 042 | MICROFILM « AF127 » [2xLP] Out now!


French visual post-rock mastodons are back with their fourth full-length album, a superb follow-up to the charming 2009 The Bay of Future Past. We are very excited to be part of this new 12-track chapter that marks another exquisite journey into Krautrock atmospheres and retro pop soundtracks.
01 Flying Guillotine  – Watch the Video
02 X’ploitation – Watch the Video
03 Icebar
04 Carnival – Watch the Video
05 Claude
06 The intruder
07 Stranden
08 Rio
09 Beauregard
10 Dpt.7
11 Wolf
12 Beneath the sea





The 12″ vinyl split matching the noise hardcore local veterans MEMBRANE against the Clermont-Ferrand based modern sludge hardcore juggernaut SOFY MAJOR is out now!!

You can order the LP -that also includes a CD version of the record- sending an e-mail to

This 41th release for Impure Muzik features 3 songs for Membrane and 4 for Sofy Major. You can give a listen to a stream of the full record here03.01.2012 update: the record is now sold-out in our shop!

Recorded, and mixed by Yann Morel, Sébastien Descamps at Studio Cube in July 2011.

Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East (Cambridge, USA).
Artwork par Julien Paget.
Our friends from Ocinatas Industries, Basement Apes Industries, Prototype Records Bigout Records are also part of the release.

1. Ruin it All
2. Doomsayer & Friends
3. Some more Pills
4. Once was a Warrior (fan my flame and I’ll still be one)

Recorded by Laurent Saussol at Studio Palissy in July 2011.
Mixed by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio.

1. Gruesome Tale
2. Small Fires
3. Lifeless Down on the Floor




Have a look at the new stuff (mostly vinyls) we’ve got in our distro/mailorder. Amongst them some records of Anorak, Cortez, Ken Mode, The Asutrasian Goat, Planks, Kaddish, Hellbats, Terror Birds, Morse, Heirs, I Pilot Daemon, Revok, Rosetta, Alaskan, Stuntman, Lentic Waters, Karysun, Caleya, Pleibian Grandstand, Silent front, Year of No Light and many more…
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Exciting gigs coming this autumn in Besançon, East-France:

@ La Rodia, Besançon (F) :: Details

@ Les Passagers du Zinc, Besançon (F)

@ Les Passagers du Zinc, Besançon (F)

And still our distro available at the gigs. Buy or Die!



Some great acts from all around the world are ready to kick-off their European tours, including heavy space rockers’ CARLTON MELTON (USA), noise post-punk trio MY DISCO (AUS), acid-kraturockers’ LUMERIANS (USA) and Swedish finest dream-pop band DEATH AND VANILLA (SWE) . See all the dates in the booking section.