TRAKTOR “Early Adopter”


Early Adopter, the third full length effort by swedish indie-stök-rockers Traktor, marks a great leap forward in the evolution of their sound. What initially was characterized as hardcore or screamo (before the term was misused and forever to be ruined) has now developed to some kind of punkish indie rock where the band no longer are afraid to use harmonies and the singers actually do sing.

The four swedes went into the studio with producer Marcus Sjöberg during the summer of 2009 with the intention to do a quick recording of ten of the songs they had written since the release of their sophmore album ”Sequence the sequence” the year before. It later turned out that a whole year would pass before they returned to the world outside with what people have heard the band themselves decribe as their ”Sgt pepper”.

Whatever critically aclaimed seven inch ”Where water goes” (out in may 2010) promised Early Adopter does deliver, and more. Those who are familiar with their earlier work will still recognise their Traktor even though the songs are longer and with more melodies. The intensity from the earlier records and the live shows is still there. And those who have never heard the band before will maybe find the missing link between the Black Heart Procession and Drive like Jehu.

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Punk-rock’n’rol from Sweden.