STUNTMAN “The Target Parade”


Discovered through the proper split 10 ‘DEAR CATASTROPHE shared with the Montpellier back in a little bit more digging the furrow plowed by KNUT, Coalesce, Keelhaul, CONVERGE et al. On their entry-hardcore metal bull bars tumbling with a sound built for rough roads. Song cattle, powerful rhythmic foundation, guitar spectrum Machiavellian. In great shape, the group is confident, sure of himself, very comfortable in front and visceral approach. ‘Wounds and Visions’ and ‘Razor In My Eyes’ you are perfectly by the throat and you know that the beast does not let go. Although not obvious because the album remains consistent, he repeatedly attempts to address its musical madness from different angles. Math-metal, doom, thrash, hardcore, the only guitar unfolds an array of elephantine riffs, unhealthy and vicious. The omnipresence of larsen behind them gives an amazing atmosphere with noisy bits. If the ten titles, all introduced by samples of film clips, flow well, they can also err by their excessive generosity. The desire to put a little too plans sometimes weaken the backbone of the songs. They do not escape to some kind of musical clichés. About half of the album, one can feel the group slide relative ease, but he always manages to pull out of the game by staying well seen behind attacks ears. ‘Feeble Fear of Truth / I Deny’ fence this listening very intense and challenging. STUNTMAN has two weapons of mass destruction: homing riffs and a sense of the assault that refuses any strategy to annihilate you. Hit the Bull’s Eye!

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vinyl LP12″